Bathroom Refinishing And Repair

Bathroom Refinishing and Repair.


With our unique spray-coating system, Surface Transformers can repair or resurface worn and damaged bathroom fixtures in both commercial and residential properties…



We can completely resurface worn or damaged bath tubs, shower trays, sinks, toilets, and even wall tiles. All surfaces will achieve a porcelain like finish which will be durable and flexible to deal with modern family life.
  • No need for plumbing/tiling costs
  • No need to change taps, wastes etc…
  • No hidden problems eg. damaged plaster boards
  • No need to purchase new suites
  • No paying for disposal of old suite


Often it is not essential to resurface an entire area that is not completely damaged. We can repair chips and scratches on most bathroom and kitchen surfaces and colour match our products to make sure a seamless repair is achievable.We all know that bathroom fixtures and fittings can easily become worn, damaged, and appear unsightly over time. Chips, cracks, and scratches are common on bathroom fixtures not surprisingly because they are so frequently used.
In most cases a worn, chipped or cracked fixture is still in good working condition, usually it’s only the surface that is aesthetically damaged. Most people however reluctantly spend hundreds of pounds on replacement products, and then hundreds more on installation. No need for this anymore.

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